The Hot Babes of Instagram

The rise of micro celebrities has changed the way we influenced by media. In an age where we are constantly looking our screens we are constantly scrolling and searching for something, and I’m not even sure we know what we’re looking for. If we look at Instagram in particular, we are flooded with “hot babes of Instagram”. These women are the perfect example of micro celebrities because they have a cult following and it appears to be for no other reason than for us to feel like we’re missing out on this wonderful life that they are living.

They have power because they have followers. On Instagram that meansĀ $$$$$$$$$$$$$, and there is a certain responsibility they have for the companies they advertise because they have to come across as it the products/ services are genuine and look less like an ad and more like something in their daily life.

It’s fair to say that they’re not quite at the level of celebrity but who knows…. Kim Kardashian is a celebrity… right?????